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From Pandemic to Equity for All: How CE Grantees are Responding to Emerging Challenges in Charter School Financing Webinar15 Jul, 2020 Credit Enhancement grantees across the country are executing purpose-driving initiatives in response to current events in public education. The National Charter School Resource… Read more
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How are State Entities Improving Authorizing? An NCSRC Policy Framework and Technical Assistance in CSP States Webinar09 Jul, 2020 to 09 Jul, 2020 How are State Entity grantees working to improve authorizing through their CSP grants? View this recording to learn how Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are using grant funds to… Read more
July 2020 Newsletter Newsletters07 Jul, 2020 Welcome to The Charter Connection! Good news! The National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) is starting a new email digest focused on national funding opportunities for the… Read more
Policy Framework for High-Quality Charter Authorizing Practices Toolkits06 Jul, 2020 The State role in creating strong authorizing environments is critical. By legislating and creating State requirements in policy, States guide authorizers in using best practices… Read more
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Don’t Stop Improving: A Strategic Approach to School Improvement Using the Four Domains Webinar13 May, 2020 to 13 May, 2020 State Entity grantees gathered to explore how to strategically adjust or initiate school improvement actions in the immediate, short-, and long-term using the Four Domains for… Read more
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Indirect Costs Decoded Webinar29 Apr, 2020 to 29 Apr, 2020 This webinar is designed to provide guidance to CSP grantees about Indirect Cost Rates and how they apply to their grants, including: How to know if a cost is allowable, How to… Read more
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Developing and Updating Performance Agreements for Credit Enhancement Grantees Webinar16 Apr, 2020 to 16 Apr, 2023 Credit Enhancement (CE) grantees gathered for a webinar focused on developing and updating performance agreements for their CSP grants. The content included an overview of… Read more
April 2020 Newsletter Newsletters15 Apr, 2020 Welcome to The Charter Connection! The National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) acknowledges the unprecedented state of schools and the education system during the ongoing… Read more
Charter School Facilities: Emerging Trends ReportsNational Charter School Resource Center23 Mar, 2020 This report covers national and regional trends impacting the current landscape of charter school facilities, and describes three ongoing trends: Trend 1: Geographic and… Read more
Preparation for Replication: Case Study of AECI Case Study20 Mar, 2020 Introduction More than 4,000 charter schools around the country operate as independent, “mom and pop” schools without the supports of charter management organizations (CMOs).1… Read more
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The SMART Approach: Strategies for Making Objectives SMART Webinar19 Feb, 2020 to 19 Feb, 2020 CSP grantees gathered for a webinar focused on developing SMART objectives and measures in support of Charter School Program grants. The event was based on NCSRC’s resource, SMART… Read more
February 2020 Newsletter Newsletters19 Feb, 2020 Welcome to The Charter Connection! That’s right: we’re The Charter Connection now. Last issue, you voted for a new name for the National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC)… Read more
SMART Objectives Toolkit ToolkitsThe National Charter School Resource Center31 Jan, 2020 The SMART Objectives Toolkit from the National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) is designed to help prospective and current Charter School Programs (CSP) grantees develop… Read more
December 2019 Newsletter Newsletters04 Dec, 2019 Welcome to the National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) Newsletter! NCSRC is back!  First, a brief reintroduction: the NCSRC is an initiative of the U.S. Department of… Read more