The Next Wave Of Innovation In U.S. Charter Schools

In their first 24 years, public charter schools have demonstrated that they can be a significant force for improvement in U.S. public education. Despite successful growth in numbers and quality, the charter sector faces future challenges. Public charter schools will not meet these challenges by doing more of the same.

Instead, the sector needs a new wave of innovation to capitalize on the enormous potential charter schools have to improve public education substantially for U.S. students. Simply put, the sector needs to be better, broader, and bigger, which will require innovation that breaks the mold of most schools today.

Raising the Bar: Why Public Charter Schools Must Become Even More Innovative, a joint effort between The Mind Trust and Public Impact, a national education policy and management consulting organization based in North Carolina that explores these challenges, issues a national call to action for more innovation in U.S. charter schools and recommends steps various stakeholders in the charter sector could take to make the sector better, broader and bigger.