October 2018 Newsletter

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NCSRC Resource Round-Up: Back to School Resources for Charter Schools

The National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) is marking the new school year with a resource round-up, which highlights some of our top resources from past years and new resources to start the school year strong. These diverse, high-quality resources range from multimedia case studies featuring innovative charter schools across the U.S. to research reports and hands-on toolkits. The NCSRC also hosts webinars throughout the year that deal with pressing issues in the charter school sector.

A sampling of these resources is organized by focus area below.

Opening & Expanding

Increasing Achievement

  • Case Study: Washington Leadership Academy (WLA)
    This video case study features WLA, a technology-focused public charter high school serving students throughout the District of Columbia. Using technology to personalize learning enables students to become owners of their learning and growth.
  • Case Study: Cornville Regional Charter School: Personalized Learning
    This video case study features Cornville Regional Charter School, based in rural Maine, and its learner-centric personalized learning methodology. School leaders discuss their approach for offering innovative and customized learning as well as how to implement the model in charter schools.
  • Student Achievement in Charter Schools: What the Research Shows
    This report examines research and identifies common findings for policymakers, parents, educators, and other stakeholders seeking to gain a better understanding of charter schools.


  • Webinar: Facilities Supports & the CSO’s Role
    This webinar, targeted to CSO leaders and staff, provides an overview of challenges charter schools face in securing a good building and affordable financing. It highlights resources that can help charter schools solve their facilities challenges.
  • Charter School Facility Landscape Analyses
    The NCSRC collaborated with several partners to collect data and information about charter school facilities and facilities expenditures in cities and states around the country.

Board Governance

The Federal Charter Schools Program

  • SE Webinar: CMOs, Authorizers, and the Charter Schools Program
    This webinar introduces issues that arise for Charter Management Organizations, state entities administering Charter Schools Program (CSP) grants, and charter school authorizers as they work together to provide the appropriate governance and oversight of charter schools.
  • Charter Schools Program Dashboards
    These dashboards provide information on each State Education Agency (SEA) or State Entity (SE) that has received a CSP grant.
  • New State Entity Grantee Toolkit
    This informal guidance for SEA and SE CSP grantees is a starting point to answer questions and to link Project Directors to key resources for successful CSP grant administration.


Special Education

  • Students with Disabilities Resources
    This compilation is designed to provide the charter school community with access to useful information in support of their work to effectively serve students with disabilities.

  • Case Study: Brooke Roslindale Charter School
    This video case study features how Brooke Roslindale Charter School in Boston, Massachusetts integrates special education and general education, maintains small class sizes, and provides extensive professional development for its teachers.

English Learners

  • English Learner Resources
    This compilation is designed to provide the charter school community with access to useful information in support of their work to effectively serve English Learner (EL) students.

  • Case Study: Camino Nuevo's Kayne Siart Campus
    This video case study features the Camino Nuevo Kayne Siart Campus in Los Angeles, California, which offers local families an opportunity for high-quality education in an area where they could easily have access to their children’s school.


  • Impact of ESSA Provisions on Authorizing
    Charter schools face high-stakes accountability. Federal policy influences state accountability systems for all public schools, which then affect charter school accountability. This paper explores the possible impact of new federal and state policies on the charter school sector.

State Resources for Charters

The NCSRC also provides charter school resources for individual states. Find information about charter schools that will guide you to resources and contact information for your state by using the State Resources Map.

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