A User’s Guide to Fiscal Oversight for Charter School Governing Boards and Authorizers


The National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC), funded by the U.S. Department of Education, presents two toolkits to foster proper fiscal oversight of charter schools. One toolkit is targeted to charter school governing boards, while the other is for charter school authorizers. Governing boards and authorizers are key stakeholders in ensuring a charter school is financially viable and able to pursue its primary educational goals.

Each toolkit compiles successful practices and recommendations on how to 1) prevent, 2) identify, and 3) manage the common financial issues that charter schools face. The toolkits cover both financial insolvency and fraud with a set of checklists that boards and authorizers can use to ensure that charter school funds are used to best serve their students.

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A User Guide to Fiscal Oversight: A Toolkit for Charter School Governing Boards

A User Guide to Fiscal Oversight: A Toolkit for Charter School Authorizers

The NCSRC also presented a session over the tookits at the Louisiana Charter Schools Conference. Find the presentation here: 

Fighting Fraud: How to Avoid and Manage Financial Crisis