Connecting Research to Practice: The Effects of Charter Schools—A Forum on Research, Practice, and Authorizing Policy

REL Midwest hosted this December 2011 webinar for policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders across all seven REL Midwest states to increase their understanding of the research on charter school effectiveness and authorizing policies in the region. Dr. Mark Berends of the National Center on School Choice provided an overview of findings from rigorous research evaluating charter school effectiveness and identified specific evidence-based practices associated with high-performing charter schools.

The webinar also included a presentation by Public Impact on a paper recently published for the National Charter School Resource Center, Developing City-Based Funding Strategies: Investments to Create a Robust Charter Sector. This paper is part of a three-piece series continuing the discussion from a National Charter School Resource Center/U.S. Department of Education conference exploring emerging city-based movements that embrace high-quality charters as an integral component of their reform strategy. Daniela Doyle spoke about the role of philanthropy in the charter sector, including an exploration of emerging city-based charter strategies.