High-Quality Charter Authorizing Policy Profiles - Washington, D.C.

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11 Aug, 2021

The High-Quality Charter Authorizing Policy Profiles (State Profiles) are summaries of states’ charter school authorization policy contexts. The 27 entities that are profiled represent the states (and Washington, D.C.) who received a CSP State Entity (SE) grant between 2017 and 2020. Researchers reviewed legislation and policy in each state against the Policy Framework for High-Quality Charter Authorizing Practices (Framework), identified whether the authorizing practices specified in the Framework were present in state law or policy, and then asked representatives from active State Entity grantees to review the final profiles for accuracy. The result is a detailed summary of each state’s policies for authorizing new high-quality charter schools.

The State Profiles are not judgments, and states are not ranked. We encourage state policymakers and practitioners to review these Profiles to learn about their own authorizing policy environments and those of their peers.