Webinar: The CSO Role in New School Development

Resource Selection
Start Date
06 Sep, 2018
End Date
06 Sep, 2018

Facilitator: Alex Medler, National Charter School Resource Center


  • Linda Brown, Building Excellent Schools
  • Damon Norris, Arizona Charter Schools Association
  • Kathy Zlomke, Colorado League of Charter Schools ;
  • Yvonne Watterson, Arizona Charter Schools Association

Description: CSOs often run programs to help teams of charter applicants develop their charter proposal and open a new school. These programs can impact the number of new charter schools opening in states as well as the quality and viability of proposals. Successful new school development programs can also affect the new charter schools' ability to compete for and spend federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) funding.

This webinar explored national and state best practices and experiences in helping new charter schools open and sustain operational quality. Speakers included experts in new school development from fellowship program operations, policy experts, and technical assistance providers. The webinar featured an interview with Linda Brown, the founder of Building Excellent Schools. Brown has supported the launch of more than 75 charter schools over 24 years, including some of the nation's most successful. Brown discussed the lessons she has learned and offer advice for CSO work in this area. Other panelists described their own programs and how CSOs are working in this field now.

New resources such as the NCSRC's New School Development Toolkit were discussed. Speakers also shared information about the national Building Excellent Schools Fellowship and updates from Arizona and Colorado new school development technical assistance and resources.

This webinar was designed for CSO leaders and staff, from those who want to get up to speed on facilities supports to more experienced CSO leaders looking to see how their organizations can play a bigger role in this area.