Webinar: Intentionally Diverse Charter Schools

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Start Date
19 Jan, 2017
End Date
19 Jan, 2017

Presenters: Franklin Headley (Principal, Voice Charter School) and Dhamana Stamps (Dean of Students, DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School). Nora Kern (National Charter School Resource Center) moderated the webinar.

Description: A small but growing strategy among charter schools is to design and implement a model that aims to serve an all-encompassing variety of backgrounds, including, but not limited to a racially, culturally, linguistically, and socioeconomically diverse student body (hereafter referred to as “intentionally diverse” schools). Research on school diversity efforts has found that it can be an avenue to promote positive outcomes in school and in life.

The purpose of this webinar is to share effective, evidence-based practices and school-based examples of how to foster diversity within a charter school. This webinar began with an overview of the policy issues and national research on diversity in charter schools. Next, the Principal of Voice Charter School in Long Island City, New York, described practices Voice leadership have implemented to support board members, teachers, and families from diverse backgrounds. Finally, the Dean of DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School in Denver, Colorado, discussed the charter school network’s process of attracting, enrolling, and serving families from diverse backgrounds and the unique policies in Denver that impact citywide charter school enrollment.

The National Charter School Resource Center recently released new toolkit and case study resources for school leaders who are considering creating intentionally diverse charter schools or working to increase diversity in operating schools.