Louisiana Charter Schools

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Reports 30 Jan, 2019
In the spring of 2018, the National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC), the Colorado League of Charter Schools (the League), the Louisiana Association of Public Charter… Read More

Key Contacts

State Education Agency

Louisiana Department of Education Charter Schools
Baton Rouge, LA

(877) 435-2721 | email | website

Charter Support Organization(s)

Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools
New Orleans, LA

(504) 291-8476  | email | website

Greater New Orleans Collaborative of Charter Schools
New Orleans, LA

(504) 309-3245 | email | website

New Schools for New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

(504) 274-3645 | email | website

Opening/Expanding a Charter School (click here)

CSP Grants

Louisiana does not have an active State Entity (SE) grant. For more information on SE grantees, click here.

Charter developers are eligible to apply for Grants to Charter School Developers for the Opening of New Charter Schools ("Developer" grants) in states that do not have an active SE grant. For complete eligibility information for Developer grants, see the NIA and clarifying correction. For information on Developer grants, see the CSP Developer Grants webpage.