The National Charter School Resource Center has conducted over ninety webinars in the last five years. Webinars have focused on diverse general-purpose subjects like Special Education and English Language Learners in charter schools. There have also been many webinars that provided technical assistance to a variety of stakeholders in the charter school space, especially Charter School Program grantees. We invite you to browse our webinars below.

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Financing Mechanisms for Charter School Facilities Charter School Laws, Planning and Designing, Performance Management | 17 Feb, 2010 The National Charter School Resource Center hosted a webinar February 17, 2010 that focused on charter school facilities financing. The purpose of the webinar was to share practices that… Read more
Inaugural Webinar 20 Jan, 2010 This webinar, held on January 20, 2010, introduced the nascent National Charter School Resource Center. It kicked off the monthly webinars that the Resource Center has for its constituents… Read more