The National Charter School Resource Center offers webinars on a variety of topics for specific audiences in the charter school sector. Most NCSRC webinars are focused on meeting the needs of Charter School Programs (CSP) grantees. Browse recordings of live NCSRC webinars below.

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SEA Webinar: Use of Funds 15 Dec, 2015 During this webinar, geared to SEAs, the Department of Education provided an overview of allowable uses of CSP funding and program requirements. In addition, the Washington DC Office of the… Read more
SEA Webinar Series Annual Independent Audits Authorizing | 03 Dec, 2015 As part of the NCSRC's SEA webinar series, this presentation focuses on financial audits and SEA review processes. Surveys indicate that the majority of authorizers require schools to… Read more
Serving Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools Special Education Students | 15 Sep, 2015 Students with disabilities are a growing student population in charter schools. According to federal law, all schools, including charter schools, are obligated to serve students with… Read more
Master Class: Emerging Legal Issues Policy | 08 Jul, 2015 to 08 Jul, 2015 As charter schools become more prevalent, more complex legal questions have arisen. For example, a recent question that arose is: “Are charter school teachers eligible to participate in… Read more
SEA Webinar: Early Childhood Learning in Charter Schools Charter School Laws, Increasing Achievement | 18 Jun, 2015 Early Learning programs have emerged as an intervention to the historical and pervasive gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students. This webinar explores early learning charter… Read more
Credit Enhancement Webinar: May 2015 Workshop Preparation Financing | 04 May, 2015 to 04 May, 2015 The sixth of six credit enhancement webinars covered: Credit Enhancement Program updates Credit Enhancement data analysis Credit Enhancement feasibility report update Credit Enhancement… Read more
Federal Funding Opportunities Webinar Finance Resources | 01 May, 2015 to 01 May, 2015 Whiteboard Advisors and the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools have teamed up to deliver webinars that are designed to help schools in their grant acquisition and management… Read more
Serving English Language Learners and Families English Language Learners | 03 Mar, 2015 to 03 Mar, 2015 EL students constitute one of the fastest growing demographic groups among school children in the U.S. It is crucial that these students have equal access to high-quality education options… Read more
Credit Enhancement Webinar: Collaboration to Enhance Facility Financing Charter School Laws, Planning and Designing | 24 Feb, 2015 On February 24, 2015, Safal Partners hosted the fifth webinar in our Credit Enhancement Webinar Series. The fifth webinar in our Credit Enhancement Series focused on illustrating real-life… Read more
SEA Webinar: Data Management Tools for Risk Based Monitoring 19 Feb, 2015 to 19 Feb, 2015 Monitoring is a critical element in the stewardship of federal funds and was addressed as part of finding II in the 2012 OIG audit of the CSP program. Additionally, the new Uniform Guidance… Read more