Indirect Costs Decoded

29 Apr, 2020 to 29 Apr, 2020


This webinar is designed to provide guidance to CSP grantees about Indirect Cost Rates and how they apply to their grants, including:

  • How to know if a cost is allowable,
  • How to distinguish between Indirect and Direct Costs,
  • How to calculate an Indirect Cost Rate, and
  • The processes for establishing an Indirect Cost Rate.

As part of the webinar, grantee participants asked questions about indirect costs. The Indirect Cost Division (ICD) at the U.S. Department of Education gathered responses to the questions. The responses are available in Indirect Cost Webinar Questions from Grantees, a PDF file on this page.


  • Andre Hylton, U.S. Department of Education, Indirect Cost Division
  • Kathryn Meeley, U.S. Department of Education, Charter School Programs 
  • Courtney Leigh Beisel, National Charter School Resource Center