Webinar: Charter Schools and Food Services: Options, Planning, and Decision-Making

20 Jul, 2016 to 20 Jul, 2016


The webinar helped charter schools understand the options and alternatives involved at different stages of food service planning and decision-making. The following presenters presented a range of information, resources, and perspectives to support better decision making:

  • The US Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Service office (Debra Utting, Program Analyst and Wesley Gaddie, Program Analyst) shared federal resources available to charter schools;
  • CharterChoice Collaborative School Food Authority (Britton Knickerbocker, Executive Director and Kelly Chrisman, Director of Partnerships and School Relations): A charter school food service collaborative in Colorado organized to provide individual charter schools more efficient access to food service options; and 
  • KIPP New Jersey (Frank Mancuso, Director of Nutrition): A charter school network whose experience across many years and multiple campuses provided a wide range of perspectives into the decision-making and options involved in establishing food service operations.