SEA Webinar: Measuring Authorizer Quality

05 Sep, 2014


The second webinar in the National Charter School Resource Center SEA webinar series provides an overview of state efforts to create systems for charter school authorizer accountability and explores the experience of two SEAs as they have worked to develop and implement these systems. SEA staff provides an overview of their state's authorizer accountability system and the rationale and policy objectives underlying it. Panelists discuss the opportunities and challenges that they have encountered in developing and implementing their accountability systems.


The webinar includes presentations from field leaders: 


"Overview of Authorizer Accountability Policy and Practice"

Parker Baxter, Director of Knowledge, NACSA


"Promoting Authorizer Accountability and Quality in Minnesota"

 Cindy Murphy, State Project Director, Minnesota Department of Education


"Promoting Authorizer Accountability and Quality in Ohio"

David Hansen, Executive Director of Quality School Choice, Ohio Department of Education


Resources Mentioned in this Webinar:

OIG Report on the Charter Schools Program