SEA Webinar: Weighted Lotteries

12 Dec, 2014


In January 2014, the Department of Education released non-regulatory guidance advising charter schools that are recipients of federal funds that they may use weighted lotteries for admissions purposes. The new guidance permits charter schools to use weighed lotteries in limited circumstances. Such lotteries may be used as necessary to comply with federal or state law as well as to give slightly better chances for admission to all or a subset of educationally disadvantaged students if state law permits the use of weighted lotteries in favor of such students. Grantees and sub-grantees under the federal Charter School Program (CSP) grant may not implement weighted lottery policies unless the CSP grant under which they are funded has been properly amended. Additionally, weighted lotteries must be permitted under state law. This webinar provides an opportunity to learn about this new opportunity from two perspectives. First, participants hear from an SEA that has amended its Charter School Program grant to provide for weighted lotteries. Second, participants learn how a charter management organization is implementing a weighted lottery policy across its schools.