Serving English Language Learners and Families

03 Mar, 2015 to 03 Mar, 2015


EL students constitute one of the fastest growing demographic groups among school children in the U.S. It is crucial that these students have equal access to high-quality education options. Federal laws and statutes establish a broad framework governing the education of ELs.  Charter schools – as public schools – are required to follow these laws and statues. Against this backdrop, recently published ED and DoJ guidance and resources provide insight into charter schools’ obligations towards serving ELs and providing their limited English proficiency parents with meaningful access to school related information.

Presenters are Carolyn Seugling (U.S. Department of Education, Attorney in the Office for Civil Rights) and Marianna Vinson (U.S. Department of Education, Deputy Director of the Office of English Language Acquisition).

Here are all the links mentioned in the webinar:

ED and DoJ Guidance on English Language Learners:

Tools and Resources for Identifying all ELs:

Schools’ Civil Rights Obligations to English Learner Students and Limited English Proficient Parents:

NCSRC Report: Legal Guidelines For Educating English Learners In Charter Schools:

NCSRC Report: Engaging English Learner Families In Charter Schools:

NCSRC EL Case Studies: