A Strategic Approach to School Improvement Using the Four Domains


"Empathy and sympathy cannot lead to academic apathy. COVID is the catalyst for all to refine schools."
-Quest Academy

Wondering how your peers are tackling school improvement in the wake of COVID-19? Find out by watching this recording.

During this event, you'll hear about tools to help your school reflect upon improvement efforts in the immediate, short, and long term—even during the uncertainty of the pandemic. You will hear from Quest Academy in Las Vegas and University Prep in Denver on their school improvement efforts and how they are adjusting plans in response to COVID-19. You will leave the session with ideas to help guide work with students in the fall and beyond. This webinar recording is intended for school leaders, administrators, and board members.

"Whether it’s remote or in-person, everyone has to be crystal clear on what excellent, live instruction is, and the preparation necessary to deliver on it."
-University Prep – Steele Street


  • Aimee Evan, National Charter School Resource Center
  • Janelle Veith, Quest Academy (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Alexandra Pardo, Ed.D., TenSquare, LLC
  • David Singer, University Prep (Denver, CO)

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