Webinar: I Just Joined a Charter School Board…Now What?


Presenters: Charter Board Partners – Shereen Williams, Chief of Governance and Recruitment Strategy; and Debbie Lister, Governance Consultant

Description: Great charter schools need great board members. However, no one goes to school to become a great charter school board member. Often for new board members, “onboarding” consists of being thrown right into the work without any training or background information. Many think that being an effective board member is something one can just figure out along the way. However, governance best practice research suggests that all board members can benefit from support as they learn their roles and responsibilities. This webinar provided a framework and strategies for governing effectively, with real-life examples and case studies throughout that are relevant for new charter board members as well as school leaders and experienced board members.

The NCSRC leverages the existing body of knowledge to offer best practices and tools to enable charter schools to establish and maintain an effective board.