Webinar: The Role of States and Charter School Authorizers in Overseeing Student Discipline in Charter Schools

09 Sep, 2016


Facilitator: Alex Medler, Senior Director, National Charter School Resource Center; former Chair of the Colorado Charter School Institute Board of Directors


  • Karega Rausch, Ph.D., VP for Research and Evaluation, National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA); former Chair of the Board of Directors of the Indiana Charter School Board and Director of the authorizing office of the Mayor of Indianapolis 
  • Scott Pearson, Executive Director, DC Public Charter Schools Board

Description: The National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) invited you to a webinar on school climate and discipline in charter schools that will focus on the roles of state educational agencies (SEAs) and charter school authorizers in overseeing charters schools.

The nation’s public schools, including charter schools, have been challenged to decrease the use of exclusionary discipline practices. In addition, recent research has identified issues in the disproportionate application of these practices to students of color and students with disabilities in all public schools, including by some charter schools.

SEAs and charter school authorizers both play important roles in holding charter schools accountable; they must perform their charter school oversight responsibilities in the context of the autonomy that charter schools require to innovate.

This webinar presented recent research on disciplinary practices in charter schools and gave concrete suggestions from current and former authorizers on how other states and authorizers can improve their own oversight work in this area.

The NCSRC has developed a suite of resources related to school climate and discipline; these include a toolkit for school leaders, a case study report that highlights successful practices and accompanying videos, and a compendium of resources related to school climate and discipline. You can view them here.