Webinar: Rural Charter Schools - Building Bridges

01 Sep, 2016


Description: This webinar highlights charter schools in rural America and focuses on the role of charter schools in rural communities and their efforts to build bridges with the local public school community. The following presenters discuss their respective experiences operating charter schools in rural communities.

  • Michael Hayes, Mountain Village Montessori Charter School, Steamboat Springs, Colorado: As the founding leader of the first-year Mountain Village Montessori (MVM), Michael Hayes shares how his prior experience at the rural Crestone Charter School (one of Colorado’s oldest charter schools) will influence MVM’s efforts to build local school district relationships;
  • Meera Rupp, Bend International School, Bend, Oregon: Meera Rupp, founding leader of Bend International School shares her experiences operating a second year school focused on instilling a love for learning and global competence in a diverse rural Oregon community;
  • Sue and Jim Smith, Upper Carmen Public Charter School, Carmen, Idaho: School founders Sue and Jim Smith relate their experiences in rural Idaho since 2005 and steps they have taken to maintain their focus on the school’s mission to establish their school as a positive presence in the local public school community; and
  • Terry Ryan, Idaho Charter School Network: As a long-time leader in the charter school community, Terry Ryan adds his unique perspective on the current (and future) role of charter schools in rural America.