Working with Students with Disabilities

Title: IDEA: Key Issues in Discipline  


Description: This module discusses IDEA’s very specific procedures for disciplining students with disabilities who violate a code of student conduct. Can a school suspend or expel a student with a disability for violating a code of student conduct? Change his or her placement? Is a manifestation determination necessary? What rules apply? This module answers these questions and concludes with case study examples. ​

Major Topics: Environment, Implementation

This is a 22 full-color powerpoint slide presentation that can be used in training audiences on IDEA 2004’s disciplinary procedures.



The Trainer’s Guide illustrates how each slide operates and provides a detailed discussion of the content on each slide. 



The handouts for this module are designed to cover the entire umbrella topic of Theme E, Procedural Safeguards under IDEA 2004.




This article takes a detailed look at how a student placement can be affected by disciplinary actions at school.



Focus Population: General, Students With Disabilities

Audience: General

Title: IRIS Training Module: He Just Needs a Little Bit of Discipline


Description: This training module/case study provides an opportunity for training in dealing with a student with disabilities whose behaviors interfere with his or her classroom instruction. The case study provides assistance for communicating with parents and education professionals.




Major Topics: Engagement (Staff-Staff Relationships, Family Involvement), Environment (Behavior Management), Implementation

Focus Population: K–12, Students With Disabilities

Audience: School/District Administrators, Teachers, Communities, Families