Creating Communities of Care

Resource Selection
05 Oct, 2022

“Creating Communities of Care: How Charter Schools can Develop Systems that Support Student Mental Health” provides new tools to help charter schools adapt to the changing needs of their students and staff. This resource focuses on improving student mental health and well-being to help set the foundation for school community wellness. Charter leaders can use this resource to learn about the research base and strategies for comprehensive student and community well-being that is aligned with the U.S. Department of Education’s Return to School Roadmap

The report is divided into three segments:

  • Section 1 provides a summary of key research that links improved mental health and well-being with positive outcomes for students and schools.
  • Section 2 unpacks the framework by providing strategies for comprehensive and responsive support for mental health and well-being, and it features three charter organizations—Valor Collegiate Academy, Rocky Mountain Prep, and Uplift Education—sharing how they are responding to the needs of students and staff.
  • Section 3 includes guidance for how school leaders can apply continuous improvement to create systems that support communities of care or refine currently existing systems. 

For more information on this topic, watch NCSRC's event "Creating Communities of Care: A Workshop to Design Supports for Student and Staff Well-Being and Mental Health."