Sustaining Effective Programs Even When Grant Funding Runs Out

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01 May, 2023
How do you sustain effective programs even when grant funding runs out?

This question is frequently on the minds of charter school leaders as the grant funding for programs runs out. Determining if a program is effective and should continue is the first question charter schools leaders should ask themselves before building a pathway to sustain the program. “Sustaining Effective Programs Even When Grant Funding Runs Out: A Toolkit for Charter School Leadership Teams” walks charter school leadership teams through the process of evaluating determining whether to continue offering a program when grant funds expire.

To effectively use this tool, teams can enter their own information directly into the provided Excel spreadsheet, referred to as the Worksheet.

Section 1 of this toolkit guides charter school leadership teams through the first three steps of evaluating the impact of programs supported with grant funds. For those looking to evaluate a program and determine whether it should be continued, start at Section 1.

Section 2 then presents several approaches and strategies to financially sustain impactful programs. For those who have already gone through an evaluation process for your program and are working to determine how to fund effective programs moving forward, jump to Section 2.

Section 3 closes with considerations for continuous improvement and how you can use the current program evaluation to inform future efforts.