Allocating School Resources to Support Student and School Needs

Resource Selection
Start Date
27 Apr, 2022
End Date
27 Apr, 2022

The National Charter School Resource Center hosted a workshop, "Allocating School Resources to Support Student and School Needs," to support charter school budget teams in aligning resource allocation effectively and strategically. During this session, attendees explored strategies to ensure that organizations use available funding to address their students’ greatest needs.

The objectives of the session were to help budget teams to 1) think flexibly and creatively about resources to support priorities, 2) practice allocating operational resources, and 3) ensure transparency and equity of outcomes. Watch the recording and conduct the included activities as a group to gain skills that will help you:

  • Identify resources that support your allocation plan and strategies;
  • Remain flexible when making resource allocation decisions;
  • Promote transparency and engagement by involving your community; and
  • Be mindful of funding availability, most especially the fiscal cliff.


  • Aimee Evan, Ph.D., National Charter School Resource Center
  • Tara Bergfeld, WestEd