CSP Credit Enhancement Transactions Dashboard  

Welcome to the CSP Credit Enhancement Transactions Dashboard! Here you can explore lending information for the Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities Program (Credit Enhancement Program) grantees. These lending institutions do not provide grants but use Credit Enhancement Program funding to help charter schools secure lower cost financing for facility projects. As of 2018, the Credit Enhancement Program has helped leverage approximately $5.8 billion in financing for 791 charter school facilities.

The data for this dashboard represents grantee data from fiscal year 2018.  

Key Terms

Amount of Financing Leveraged: The total dollar amount of financing a charter school received as a result of the transaction being supported by Credit Enhancement Program funds.

Award Year: The grant award year for which the Credit Enhancement Program funds are associated for any particular financial transaction.

Credit Enhancement: Funds set aside by a grantee during a financial transaction to improve a charter school’s credit standing and assist the school in accessing private-sector capital. The funds are only used in the case of a default.   

Directly Enhanced: The size of the loan benefitting from support by Credit Enhancement Program funds. The Credit Enhancement backing of one loan may allow a charter school to receive a larger total financial package, which would be captured in the amount of financing leveraged.  

Grant Funds Committed: The amount of Credit Enhancement Program funds dedicated to a financial transaction.  

Largest Package: The largest charter school facility transaction supported by the Credit Enhancement Program.

Smallest Package: The smallest charter school facility transaction supported by the Credit Enhancement Program.

Lending Partner Exploration

This page provides an overview of lenders who have received Credit Enhancement grants, their total CE grant award funds, and the smallest and largest charter school facility transactions (i.e., loans, bonds, lease guarantees) supported by each lender. Select a lender to learn more about the organization and detailed information about the charter school facility transactions they have supported.


Selected Lenders Total CE Grant Award Funds Smallest Package Largest Package
BlueHub Capital (formerly Boston Community Loan Fund) 9173003 $- $25,000,000.00
Build with Purpose 9771979 $616,805.00 $24,000,000.00
Building Hope (America's Charter School Finance Corporation) 41958551 $- $110,037,909.00
California Charter Schools Association 24321718 $152,000.00 $25,341,081.00
California School Finance Authority 32046958 $6,020,000.00 $28,725,000.00
Capital Impact Partners 24490000 $450,000.00 $42,960,000.00
Center for Community Self- Help 0 $10,500.00 $20,072,000.00
Civic Builders, Inc. 11662623 $1,800,000.00 $108,690,982.02
District of Columbia--Office of the State Superintendent of Education 40281914 $578,100.00 $33,500,000.00
Hope Enterprise Corporation 9674173 $500,000.00 $29,000,000.00
IFF 29303689 $4,284,000.00 $65,000,000.00
KIPP Foundation 15060154 $450,000.00 $26,480,000.00
Low Income Investment Fund 26486909 $85,000.00 $35,660,700.00
New Jersey Community Capital (Community Loan Fund of New Jersey) 35923718 $50,000.00 $35,000,000.00
Reinvestment Fund 0 $127,600.00 $52,045,788.00
Texas Public Finance Authority 66036488 $271,356.00 $66,865,000.00
The Housing Partnership Network, Inc. 24630992 $5,198,000.00 $44,580,000.00

Locations Served by CSP Credit Enhancement Program